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The 13 Richest Formula 1 Drivers in the World (Update: Aug 2023)



Richest Formula 1 Driver

Do you ever know the Richest Formula 1 Drivers in the World?

Formula One is a well-known game for rich boys. It is undoubtedly an expensive and outstanding sport. The revenue of the game is unbelievable US$2.1 billion. Organizing this tremendous show on the racing road is a massive task. This racing competition costs a huge amount of money.

The players earned vast money because they have trained so much for the sports and taken the high risk in their life. The benefit is to play the game their bank balances are increasing high.

The exact figures are not disclosed but our sources reveal some news about their wealth.

Besides their salary, their income is supplemented by top brand deals and many other endorsements. In this way, F1 stars rapidly rake in cash at a tremendous rate.

Let’s Have A Look at A Brief List of the Richest Formula 1 Drivers in the World

Richest Formula 1 Drivers in the World

Formula 1 drivers are the richest people in the sports industry. In the following article, we have talked about the top 13 richest formula1 drivers in the world. If you are a racing sports lover then you love this article.

13. David Coulthard ($80 Million)

Formula 1 Drivers

David is a British well-known racing player. This retired richest formula 1 driver has gained $80 million. David Coulthard started his Formula 1 career in the year 1994 with Williams.

His teammate was the late Ayrton Senna. David’s first achievement happened in 1996. Then he was signed by McLaren in the year 1996. But he did not bring any good news when he raced for Mc Laren.

Being the richest Formula 1 driver he wins 12 races and completed second in the 2001 season. Leaving Mc Laren he joined Red Bull racing.

At last, he decided to retire from this racing sport at the end of the 2008 season. David had spent his precious four seasons with the Australian team.

He also did a job as a broadcaster, a commentator and a pundit. Are you knowing that David has written for The Daily Telegraph and BBC Sports? He established Whisper Films and also Velocity Experience in the year 2016.

12. Alain Prost ($100 Million)

Richest Formula 1 Drivers

Alain Prost started his racing career as a teenager. This French richest Formula 1 driver now becomes 67 years old. He is merely known as The Professor.

In the 1989s Alain was a terrific racer in the world. He has earned the championship four times that is Grand Prix victories. His net income is $100 million.

Alain Prost had made wealth as became the owner of the team. He is also a technical counselor of his former team, Mc Laren and Renault after his retirement. In the stock market and properties, Alain also invested his money.

11. Jody Scheckter ($100 Million)

Formula 1 Drivers

This former richest Formula 1 driver is an African who ever won the world championship in 1979. Nobody breaks his record and his huge wealth is increased with the new success track. Being the first South African Jody Scheckter played against between 1972 to 1980.

This famous player has a vast amount of money, $100 million. Jody Scheckter has a large high technical security firm which is located in the USA. He also established an organic farming industry in England.

10. Martin Brundle ($100 Million)

Formula 1 Drivers

Martin Brundle is a 62-year-old racer now working as a co-commentator on Sky Sports coverage with David Croft. Martin has written a column with Sky Sports after every finishing race. His career might be scuppered by damages. He is a nine-time podium finisher. However, we know from the sources that his wealth is approximately $100 million. He is undoubtedly the richest Formula 1 driver on the planet.

9. Eddie Irvine ($120 Million)

Richest Formula 1 Drivers in the World

This popular richest Formula1 driver earned the position by his skill. He started his career when he was just 17 years old.

His achievement is outstanding and Eddie Irvine‘s net income is $120 million. So we called him a wealthy racing player. The famous driver was born on 10th November in the year 1965.

The place where he was born is Newtownards, United Kingdom. His age is 56 now. Eddie Irvine is a former richest formula 1 driver who wins 4 races. His point is 191.

His main source is not only the Formula 1 racing competition. He has extraordinary business skills and also invested his income in the real estate business. All around the world he occupied many properties and complexes.

8. Mario Andretti ($130 Million)

Formula One Drivers

Mario Andretti is one of the richest Formula 1 drivers all over the world. This American racer is retired now. He achieved one World title in the year 1978.

The net worth of Mario Andretti is estimated to be approximately $130 million. Have you heard that he is an Italian-born American racing player?

Mario Andretti had raced in single-seater open-wheel cars in the 1960s. His debut race happened in 1964. Andretti won the Indycar championship in the year 1969.

Between 1968 and 1974 he is a part-time driver of Lotus, March and Ferrari in Formula 1. He had won his debut race for Ferrari in South Africa in the year 1971.

Andretti came to be a full-time driver for the Parnelli team. At last, Mario departed from  Formula one and came back to Indycar in the year 1982. In 1993 he has taken his final Indycar win.

7. Sebastian Vettel ($140 Million)

Formula 1 Driver

Sebastian Vettel is recently sitting on the list for his huge income. He has a vast amount of fan followers. He began his racing career with BMW in the year 2007.

Then in 2008, Sebastian was signed by Toro Rosso. He is making his fortune in this racing competition. $140 million is the net worth of the richest Formula1 driver, Sebastian Vettel.

Did you know that he has played Formula 1 for more than 10 years? It is a little surprising matter. Sebastian being a good racer achieved four world titles between 2010 and 2013.

The German, who still keeps up the record as the youngest world winner in Formula 1 history after the victorious movement in 2010, makes one of the highest-paid racers.

Sebastian Vettel is now 34. His contract with Ferrari was finished in 2021 and now he started his three years deal with Aston Martin. The company gives him £12.9 m for one season.

6. Jenson Button ($150 Million)

Richest Formula 1 Drivers

The Richest Formula 1 driver Jenson Button is a British racer. He is now a retired, person. In that year he won one world title. Jenson Button has gained his position on the list because his net wealth is roughly $150 million.

This former Formula 1 driver Jenson made his debut with Williams in the year 2000. He won Hungarian Grand Prix in the year 2006 with Honda. He also drove for Benetton, Renault and BAR. Button stayed with Honda but his team withdrew in the year 2008 and merged with Brawn GP.

Jenson Button won his first Drivers’ title in 2009. In 2010 he switched to McLaren. Until his retirement, he was with McLaren. Being a Senior Advisor he served Williams in 2021. He even won the Super GT series in the year 2018.

5. Jeff Gordon ($210 Million)

Jeff Gordon is a retired professional race car driver, born on August 4, 1971, in Vallejo, California. He is considered one of the best drivers in NASCAR history and achieved great success throughout his career. Gordon won four NASCAR Cup Series championships and recorded 93 career victories, ranking third on the all-time wins list.

He was known for his aggressive driving style and ability to consistently compete at a high level. Gordon also became a popular figure off the track, appearing in commercials and hosting television shows.

After retiring from full-time racing in 2015, he transitioned to broadcasting and currently serves as an analyst for FOX NASCAR. Overall, Jeff Gordon is revered as one of the most accomplished and influential drivers in the history of NASCAR.

Top 4 Most Richest Formula 1 Drivers are Below

4. Kimi Räikkönen ($250 Million)

Formula 1 Drivers

He drives for Formula 1 for 20 years. Kimi makes his fortune and became the richest Formula 1, driver. The Finnish International had lots of time to create huge amounts of wealth.

Kimi has made his worth price that is $250 million. In 2001 he started to race for Mc Laren, Lotus, Ferrari, Sauber, and Alfa Romeo.

From 2001 to 2021 he constantly raced. He was winning a record 21  Grand Prix titles. He is the highest-paid racer because he deals with some contracts of top brand sponsorship.

He also spent his huge wealth in the real estate industry and bought luxurious beachfront properties in Thailand. He also owned a $24 million dream home in Switzerland.

3. Fernando Alonso ($260 Million)

Richest Formula 1 Drivers in the World

Fernando Alonso is the richest Formula 1 driver who has played in F1 races since 2001 for McLaren, Renault, and Alpine. Fernando Alonso is the top legendary racer all over the world.

In his whole career, he won the world championship twice. He has earned $1 million per year and made some deals with top brands like Adidas, Pirelli, Citibank etc.

Alonso is undoubtedly a great businessman. Fernando has owned by a streetwear brand, Kimoa which is helping to make lots of money it is launched in the year 2017. $260 million is roughly Alonso‘s worth value. But his net income is increasing day by day when he comes back to F1.

2. Lewis Hamilton ($285 Million)

Formula 1 Drivers

The greatest formula one racer is Lewis Hamilton in the racing industry. In the year 2007, he began his career with McLaren. Lewis acquired seven championship trophies.

Lewis Hamilton also won various solo races than any other Formula 1 racer. This richest Formula 1 driver makes roughly $12 million per year through endorsements for Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Sony, Bose, and so on. His earnings are estimated to be $285 million.

He also makes money by investing $200 million in the business and properties. This racer has earned 8th position in the Forbes magazine list as the highest-paid athlete.

1. Michael Schumacher ($600 Million)

Richest Formula 1 Drivers

Michael Schumacher is the German richest Formula 1 driver in the world. He is the most recognizable face on the planet.

He retired in the year 2012, but throughout his career, he wins 91 and seven world titles. This makes him the most prosperous F1 driver in history.

He holds his position in the 1st seat on the list. After his retirement, his money surpasses other racers.

When he races for Ferrari and Mercedes he has made a little amount of money.

From different endorsements and brands, he made a huge amount of money. The net cost of his wealth is $600 million.

Michael’s earnings approximately exceed $1 billion. He is the highest-paid Formula 1 driver in the world.

Conclusion of The Richest Formula 1 Driver in the World


There are the richest Formula 1 drivers in the above list. Many drivers are retired but their inheritance still lives in the racing world.

Their lives are going in a new direction after their success. But their actual salary is quite difficult to count. They are quite famous and gain money through various sponsorships.

They have many years of experience. These drivers are also very successful businessmen and invest their money in profitable businesses. Racing lovers also love this article.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Richest Formula 1 Driver in the World

  1. Michael Schumacher
  2. Lewis Hamilton
  3. Fernando Alonso
  4. Kimi Räikkönen
  5. Jeff Gordon
  6. Jenson Button
  7. Sebastian Vettel
  8. Mario Andretti
  9. Eddie Irvine
  10. Martin Brundle
  11. Jody Scheckter
  12. Alain Prost
  13. David Coulthard

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