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The 15 Best Richest Authors in the World (Update Feb 2023)



Richest Authors

Do you curious to know the Richest Authors in the World?

Writers create different types of literary art and imaginative writing such as novels, short stories, books, poetry, travelogues, plays, screenplays, teleplays, songs, and essays as well as other reports and news materials that may be of interest to the common public.

As a devoted and dedicated writer, your peers include some of the richest, most commercially successful people on the earth.

The list of the richest authors according to their net worth (Richest Authors in the World)

richest authors


Some of the most famous authors in the world earn more than a billion dollars. We have pronounced to draw up a list of the 15 wealthiest authors worldwide, along with their current net worth, and a brief biography. Throughout these detailed articles, we know about the writers.

15. Suzanne Collins ($80 million)

Suzanne Collins is one of the richest authors in the World. She has produced most of her property through the sales of her novels and also writing screenplays for multiple  TV shows.

Collins started her career in the year of 1991 and has ever since remained a famous writer figure. As of 2022, Suzanne Collins’ net worth is calculated to be approximately $80 million.

14. Jack Higgins ($86 million)

Do you know about Jack Higgins? He is a multi-millionaire novelist and his novel is the best selling novel. Higgins was brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He is one of the most popular and richest authors in the World. Jack Higgins’s net worth is valued at $86 million and which is making him so rich.

13. Paul McKenna ( $100 million)

Richest Authors in the World

Paul McKenna is an English hypnotist and writer. He walked out of school with just two O-levels and an A-level in art and dealt as a DJ on Topshop’s in-store radio in Oxford Street.

McKenna afterward joined Capital Radio, where he met a hypnotist who was a visitor at his show and has since then qualified himself to never look back.

He is one of the richest authors in the World. Paul McKenna’s net worth is calculated to be more or less  $100 million.

12. Stephenie Meyer ($125 million)

Stephenie Meyer is a young writer who never had the concept for a vampire love story. Meyer later wrote Twilight in 2003 when her age was only 29 years old.

Three Twilight films have earned  $1.8 billion at the box office. All three movies created blockbusters in the film industry.

When we estimated his net worth that is $125 million.

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11. Dan Brown ($178 million)

Dan Brown is one of the richest authors in the World. He is an American author and his best novel is “The Da Vinci Code”.

Do you know that Brown is the highest-paid author in the World?

His two marvelous creations are “The Da Vinci Code ” and “Angels and Demons”. His bestselling novels are regarded as two popular films in the world.

He is making money through his creations. His net worth is to be roughly  $178 million.

10. Dean Koontz ($200 million)

Dean’s strength is thriller type. He writes about mysteriousness, science fiction, and a sprinkle of horror. A total of 105 novels have been written by him and transformed into 38 other languages.

Dean’s famous book, Elsewhere, was published in 2020. He is one of the richest authors in the World because his net worth is approximately $200 million.

9. Tom Clancy ($300 million)

Richest Authors

Tom Clancy has died eight years ago. He is a productive author and lives on through his outstanding works. He was a movie producer and most of his works were customized video games and movies.

The renowned movies like Patriot Games and The Hunt for Red October were adapted from his books. Though he is dead, he is counted as the richest author in the World.

His net worth is estimated to be approximately  $300 million.

8. Danielle Steel ($385 million)

At the early age of 1, she composed her first manuscript. She has a great writing effort and knew that she becomes a good author. However, her first novel is published when she is just 28 years old.

Steel wrote more than 70 novels. By making money she becomes the richest authors in the World. Her net worth is calculated to be roughly $385 million.

She mainly wrote children’s literature and fictional books.

7. Nora Roberts ($390 million)

Nora Robert’s net earns are calculated at $390 million. She is creating such huge property by selling over 225 books. At first, she faces many rejections from the publishing house.

But as an American writer, she achieves great success. Her ever best-selling work is “Playing the Odds” in 1985.

Nora Roberts has written using pseudonyms like J. D. Robb, Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty. She is counted as one of the richest authors in the World.

6. Michael Crichton ($400 million)

Richest Authors in the World

At the time of his death in the year 2008, Michael Crichton’s net worth is predicted to be about  $400 million. Over 200 million copies of his great scholarly works have been finished.

Being of medical background, he utilized his inherent talent for writing and ended up preparing the works like Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

He is one of the richest authors in the World. We all have seen the famous films which have been adopted from his books.

5. Stephen King ($500 million)

Stephen King is a well-known writer. Some of King’s books such as The Shining and IT have been adapted into a TV series.

His net worth which is making him a rich person is estimated to be roughly  $500 million. He mainly writes about spawning thrilling, horror, suspense and fantasy world.

Over the World, he sold more than 350 million copies of his books. He has flourished the legacy of literature at the age of 78. He is also one of the richest authors in the World.

4. Paul Coelho ($500 million)

The national bestselling book is “The Alchemist” and Paulo is the author of this book. The book is the best-converted book at any time written by any author. In the whole world, the copies sold over 150 million. Though he is a famous author, this achievement did not come easily, even though he acquainted to be a writer as a young boy. So he is one of the richest authors in the World because of his unbelievable net worth which is $ 500 million.

3. Jim Davis ($800 million)

Jim is one of the richest authors in the World and well known also. He fits himself into the list because he has united his planning skills with a superb skill for writing.

He is the originator of Garfield and The Mischievous Cat. Since his discovery, he has not looked back and was an element of the Emmy award-winning Garfield TV specials writers.

His net property is unbelievable is $800 million.

2. James Patterson ( $800 million)

He is an old warrior of the intellectual world. Patterson’s first book was published in 1976. He wrote more than 90 books.

He has achieved many awards to his name, including a Guinness World Record and The New York Times Record as the writer of 70 sellers.

He prospers in various genres of composition like romance, nonfiction and so on.

James Patterson is the richest authors in the World making such a net worth calculated to be roughly over $800 million.

1. J.K. Rowling ($ 1 billion)

Richest Authors

Do you know who is the richest authors in the World? J k Rowling is a well-known author. His net worth is estimated to be approximately  $ 1 billion.

This terrific writer is the first one to have a billion dollars financial hurdles. She is celebrated for her writing in the marvelous series generally known as Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series was adapted into a TV series.

This series became very popular among the audience.

Writing always needs physical and mental strength like many other things in life. However, a writer who can perfect the art of systematically spellbinding their readers can get all money they want.

The net worth of the richest writers considered in the above articles is proof that with devotion, authors can make so much from their composition skills.

You need to see yourself earmarked for a life of wealth and economic plethora because you are if you devote your life to becoming a great writer.

If at any point you find yourself as a starving artist, it is because you select to live in that mode. Any day you choose, you can produce a new decision and establish economic affluence.

Conclusion of The Richest Authors in the World


Authors and artists reach up to some of the richest people in the World. Many of them were capable to do it without all the tension and the commercial threat that goes into building a conventional large business.

If you are a book lover you must read the articles to know about them.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The 15 Best Richest Authors in the World

  1. J.K. Rowling
  2. James Patterson
  3. Jim Davis
  4. Paul Coelho
  5. Stephen King
  6. Michael Crichton
  7. Nora Roberts
  8. Danielle Steel
  9. Tom Clancy
  10. Dean Koontz
  11. Dan Brown
  12. Stephenie Meyer
  13. Paul McKenna
  14. Jack Higgins
  15. Suzanne Collins

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