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Who Was Orbin Love? Uncovered Facts About Jordan Love’s Late Father (Jan 2024)



orbin love

Orbin Love was an American police sergeant and a detective. Before taking his own life, he worked for 27 years for the Bakersfield Police Department and the Bakersfield community. Despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers lost their game against the Kansas City Chiefs, his son Jordan made his NFL debut today.

Nevertheless, he completed 19 of 34 passes for 190 yards, one interception, and his first NFL touchdown, a 20-yard pass with amazing success. He taught Jordan a lot about sports and was also a former football player. However, a really depressing incident occurred. A new medication caused Orbin’s conduct to change and he ultimately committed suicide. Because he greatly admired his father, Jordan found this to be extremely difficult.

Even though his mother, Anna, urged him to continue playing and put in a lot of effort to make his father happy, he considered giving up football. Jordan thus persevered and continued to pursue his football dreams.

Orbin Love Early Life and Values

jordan love parents

Orbin Love‘s journey begins in a small town, underscoring the humble beginnings that laid the foundation for the values he later imparted to his family. Raised in a tight-knit community, Orbin learned the significance of hard work, integrity, and perseverance early on. These values became the cornerstone of his parenting philosophy, setting the stage for the principles guiding Jordan Love’s pursuit of excellence.

Who is Jordan Love?

Jordan Love

A young man named Jordan Love plays an exclusive sport called football. He was born in the Californian city of Bakersfield on November 2, 1998. He is well-known because he played quarterback for the NFL’s renowned Green Bay Packers. He began playing football at Bakersfield’s Liberty High School throughout high school, and he is a gifted athlete.

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  • Full Name: Jordan Alexander Love
  • Date of Birth: November 2, 1998
  • Place of Birth: Bakersfield, California, USA
  • Position: Quarterback
  • Current Team: Green Bay Packers (NFL)
  • College: Utah State University
  • NFL Draft: 2020, 1st Round, 26th Pick
  • Career Debut: 2020 NFL Season
  • Current Age: 24 years old (as of 2023)

Family First

jordan love father

Jordan Love father, Orbin is renowned for being a family-oriented man. Throughout Jordan’s formative years, Orbin emphasized the importance of family bonds and instilled loyalty and commitment in his son. Despite the challenges often accompanying pursuing a professional sports career, Jordan always knew that his father was there, providing unwavering support and a solid foundation to fall back on.

Orbin Love Work Ethic and Dedication

Orbin Love

Orbin’s work ethic is legendary in the circles that know him. His commitment to excellence, whether in his professional life or personal endeavors, became a source of inspiration for Jordan. The elder Love demonstrated that success is not handed out but earned through dedication, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of one’s goals. These principles would become invaluable to Jordan as he navigated the competitive landscape of collegiate and professional football.

Jordan Love Career

Jordan Love Career

Jordan Love’s football career has been interesting. He began playing sports at Bakersfield, California’s Liberty High School. He wasn’t very large initially, but he put in a lot of work, and by his junior year, he was the starting quarterback for the varsity squad at his school. He performed admirably, completing passes for long yards and scores. He even guided his team to the state semifinals in his senior year.

He played collegiate football at Utah State after graduating from high school. He kept showcasing his quarterbacking prowess there and won accolades for it. He was selected in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers. He shadowed the team’s starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, for a few years as the backup quarterback. However, it was finally his turn to start as the Packers’ quarterback in 2023, and supporters are excited to watch how his NFL career plays out.

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What Did Jordan Love’s Parents Do for a Living?

jordan love's parents

Jordan Love’s parents were high-ranking employees. Orbin Love, his father, served as a police officer with the Bakersfield Police Department, assisting in maintaining public safety. In addition to working to keep people safe on the roads, his mother, Anna Love, was a patrol officer with the California Highway Patrol. As police officers, Jordan’s parents both had a strong commitment to their work and were well-liked members of their communities.

What Happened to Jordan Loves Dad?

jordan love's father

Jordan Love is the son of Orbin and Anna Love. In California, they were both employed as police officers. Orbin was a Bakersfield police officer, and Anna was employed with the California Highway Patrol. Together, they had four children: Emily, Jordan, Alexis, and Kami.

Unfortunately, Orbin, Jordan’s father, struggled with mental health issues. He had to take a new medication, which caused him to behave strangely. This ultimately led to a tragic circumstance in which he committed suicide. Jordan and his family were going through a very difficult period. Even though it was difficult for Jordan to play football without his dad, his mother, Anna, supported and urged him to pursue his goals.

Conclusion About Orbin Love


In the narrative of Jordan Love’s rising star in the NFL, the role of Orbin Love is a narrative of steadfast support, valuable guidance, and enduring love. As the quarterback continues to make strides in his professional career, it is essential to acknowledge the unsung hero behind the scenes – the father who, through his values and principles, played a pivotal role in shaping a young boy into the promising athlete he is today. Orbin stands not only as the father of Jordan Love but as a symbol of the profound impact a parent’s love and guidance can have on the journey to success.

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