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Eminem Quotes – That Will Change Your Thoughts and Lifestyle




Eminem is known as Slim Shady. A great American rapper, and songwriter. The best motivational Eminem Quotes will always motivate you in life. Check out the best motivational quotes about life of Eminem.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on October 17, 1972, popularly known as Eminem is a rapper, songwriter, music producer, and actor. He is one of the most controversial actors of the American industry who is openly criticized for his outspoken personality but at the same time loved by his fans.

Eminem has come a long way from his violent and unstable childhood, his drug addiction, and his undying love for his daughter. With over 47 million albums and 220 million records sold Eminem is undoubtedly one of the world’s best-selling artists. His name is not bound of any introduction and his name is an introduction itself. He had a zest for rapping from his childhood days.

He was singing a rap song “I’m Bad” at a house party when he met his wife Kimberly Anne Scott at the age of 15. The couple was blessed with an adorable daughter Hailie on Christmas Eve in 1995. The couple married twice but got divorced both times. The couple has agreed on joint custody of their precious daughter. Apart from this Eminem has joint custody of his stepdaughters Alaina and Whitney and his half-brother Nathan.

Eminem is a successful white rapper in the rapper industry which is predominantly ruled by black rappers. After his daughter was born he used to work 40 hours a week in a restaurant and practice music in the basement of the restaurant. His passion for music has made him the “Rapper King” of the industry and his net worth is estimated to be 190 dollars. Having lived a bullied childhood has lyrics are a source of inspiration for millions of people who have given up their hopes of living.

Eminem released his first album in 1999, “The Slim Shady LP” which was a huge success after its release. His songs express the harsh realities we face while living in troubled times and what turmoil’s a person undergoes while going through bad times. Many people relate their problems to his bitter but true lyrics and have become their loyal fans.”Love yourself” his best work to date truly depicts his struggles both at a personal and professional level.

“8 mile” is a movie loosely based on his struggles and his rise to stardom as a successful rapper was loved by his fans and was highly critically appreciated. “Recovery” his Grammy award-winning album describes his struggles in the rehabilitation center and his struggles to give up drugs.

25 Great Eminem Quotes – Best Motivational Quotes About Life


“They can trigger me. But they’ll never figure me out.” ― Best Eminem Quotes

“I have a slight bit of OCD, I think. I’m not walking around flipping light switches. But when I say I’m going to do something, I have to do it.” ― Best Eminem Quotes

“Before I was famous, when I was just working in Gilbert’s Lodge, everything was moving in slow motion.” ― Eminem Quotes

“In my mind I’ma fighter, my heart’s a lighter, my soul is the fluid. My flow sparks it right up.” ― Great Eminem Quotes

“Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned.” ― Quotes of Eminem


“Do not seek the because—in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.” ― Best Motivational Eminem Quotes

“You gotta find that inner strength and just pull that s*** out of you. And get that motivation to not give up and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall on your face and collapse.” ― Quotes of Eminem

“Straighten up little soldier, stiffen up that upper lip. What are you crying about? You got me.” ― Quotes of Eminem

“I think my first album opened a lot of doors for me to push the freedom of speech to the limit.” ― Best Motivational Eminem Quotes

“Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?” ― Inspirational Eminem Quotes


10 Best Motivational Eminem Quotes Are Below

“Let me self-empower you. When you’re down and they’re try’na clown the f**k outta you. And you feel like you’re running out of fuel. I’ll show you how to use doubt as fuel.” ― Motivational Eminem Quotes

“I act like shit don’t phase me, inside it drives me crazy. My insecurities could eat me alive.” ― Motivational Eminem Quotes

“There is no mountain I can’t climb. There’s no tower too high. No plane that I can’t learn how to fly.” ― Best Motivational Eminem Quotes

“When you’re a little kid, you don’t see color, and the fact that my friends were black never crossed my mind. It never became an issue until I was a teenager and started trying to rap.” ― Best Motivational Eminem Quotes

“I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There’s no in between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it.” ― Quotes of Eminem



“You’ve got enemies? Good, that means you actually stood up for something.” ― Best Motivational Eminem Quotes

“Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism.” ― Quotes of Eminem

“I try to treat all the money I’m making like it’s the last time I’m going to make it.” ― Quotes of Eminem

“It happens all the time. They take your heart and steal your life. And it’s as though you feel you’ve died ’cause you’ve been killed inside. But yet you’re still alive, which means you will survive. ― Quotes of Eminem

“If people take anything from my music, it should be motivation to know that anything is possible as long as you keep working at it and don’t back down.” ― Best Motivational Eminem Quotes


10 Inspirational Eminem Quotes Are Below

“There’s no limit on how far I would go, no boundaries, no lengths.” ― Inspirational Eminem Quotes

“Sporadic thoughts will pop into my head and I’ll have to go write something down, and the next thing you know I’ve written a whole song in an hour.” ― Motivational Eminem Quotes

“Ultimately, who you choose to be in a relationship with and what you do in your bedroom is your business.” ― Inspirational Eminem Quotes

“It creeps me out sometimes to think of the person I was. I was a terrible person. I was mean to people.” ― Inspirational Eminem Quotes

“I’ve accomplished enough with the music that I haven’t had to go out there and do other things to over-saturate.” ― Quotes of Eminem


“And to the rest of the world, God gave you them shoes to fit you, so put them on and wear them. Be yourself man, be proud of who you are.” ― Best Eminem Quotes

“I don’t think I’ve ever read poetry, ever. I’m not really book-smart.” ― Eminem Quotes

“The moment I used my adversity to my advantage, my career exploded.” ― Great Eminem Quotes

“I just can’t sit back and wallow, in my own sorrow, but I know one fact: I’ll be one tough act to follow.” ― Quotes of Eminem

“The album requires a certain focus of mine that I can’t really explain – let’s just say it’s all I can really do while I’m doing it.” ― Great Eminem Quotes


Final Words About Eminem Quotes

Eminem’s quotes and lyrics are in reality a source of inspiration for millions of people who are his critics or fans. The man has successfully depicted all his struggles towards the path of success in his lyrics and quotes. There are not many people like him who openly accept that how addiction destroyed their life and motivates people to give up drugs.

We hope that you find his quotes as a motivation to fight the difficulties in your life.

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