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How Tall Is Shrek? Know More About Shrek Series (DreamWorks Film)



How Tall Is Shrek

In this blog post, you will know How Tall Is Shrek and, more about Shrek Series (DreamWorks Film).

Who is Shrek?

Who is Shrek?

Shrek is a fictional character penned down by author William Steig in his book ‘SHREK‘. The children’s book was released in 1990 and gained immense popularity.

By 2001, it was adapted into animated motion pictures of the same name. Shrek is a green recluse ogre living in the fairyland swamp.

He has superhuman strength and is fearsome. He likes to stay alone and is proud of the fact that other creatures are afraid of him.

The story tells us the adventures of Shrek as he sets out to protect his land and rescue a princess in distress along with his not-so-interesting companion Donkey.

Mike Myers became the voice behind Shrek after Chris Farley died suddenly without completing the movie.

How Tall Is Shrek? Till date (2022)

how tall is shrek

Shrek is taller than an average human being but exactly how tall one can never know. This is partly because no physique features are available in the book and readers are left to imagine Shrek as and how they want.

Now and then people come up with theories to measure up the exact height of the green-colored ogre.

Some popular theories say Shrek is taller than other characters and maybe around 7-8 ft tall. This theory is also supported by the director of the first two movies of the franchise, Adam Adamson.

Who is Shrek’s wife?

how tall is fiona from shrek

Princess Fiona, who is an ogress herself, is the wife of Shrek. Cameron Diaz is the voice behind Fiona.

In the first part of the series, princess Fiona is in human form and abducted by a fiery dragon. Shrek sets out to rescue her in exchange for his swamp from the king of Dunloe.

After rescuing, and on the return journey they both start falling in love. Princess Fiona feels Shrek would not love her once he knows she is an ogress. She shares this with their companion donkey saying ‘who will love a monster’ which is overheard and misunderstood by Shrek

Later they solve the misunderstanding as Lord Farquaad tries to marry Fiona. Fiona lets out her secret of her being an ogress to which Lord Farquaad tries to kill her. Shrek saves Fiona and they live happily ever after as ogre and ogress.

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How Tall is Fiona from Shrek?

How Tall is Fiona from Shrek?

The novel or the film doesn’t give any specific details about her physique. But time and again viewers have tried to conclude by making comparisons with Shrek and other characters.

Since she is shorter than Shrek in her human and ogress form she is expected to be around 5 ft 4 inches and 6 ft 4 inches respectively. This data is from the character bio from Shrek Super Slam and Shrek 2 video game.

So, Fiona is taller than an average human woman and a towering ogress who matches up with Shrek in all aspects of strength and superhuman qualities.

What is Shrek’s Donkey Name?

shrek and doneky

Just ‘Donkey‘.

Yes, it does sound strange but the donkey goes by this name in all the series as well as in the book. In the movie the comedian Eddie Murphy.

He first meets Shrek after a magic spell that makes him fly is broken and is getting chased by Lord Farquaad’s knights. He meets Shrek while getting chased and asks for help.

A reluctant Shrek allows the talkative donkey to stay back only to find a dozen mythical creatures in his swamp. There begins the journey to regain the swamp as his own and for that he first needs to rescue princess Fiona from a fiery dragon…

As luck would have it Donkey and Dragon fall in love with each other Shrek, Princess and Donkey have a narrow escape.

What is Shrek known for?

What is Shrek known for?

Shrek is known for reaching kids with one of life’s most beautiful lessons. Shrek teaches about

  • Friendship and how to honor it every day and in each and every situation. His bond with the donkey is a proof of that
  • Beauty is on the inside and Shrek inspires kids to not chase behind outer beauty but the inner beauty of the person.
  • Being fierce and strong doesn’t make you entitled to be horrible to everyone around. You choose how to live life, Kindness, and love are the pillars of a beautiful life.
  • Shrek also teaches kids to be careful what they wish for. Sometimes their wish could become detrimental to them. Everything that glitters is not gold and one should be content with whatever means they are living with and not be greedy.

As was the case with Shrek he lost his whole meaning of life in his quest for a life where everyone fears him and respects him.

List of all Shrek Series

The Shrek series made by DreamWorks Animation have these blockbuster editions

The fifth edition of Shrek 5 is on the cards, and fans have been waiting for this delayed-release owing to the pandemic.

There have been spin-offs from the original story

Shrek The Musical(2008) was loved by the old and young audiences alike. Brian d’Arcy James played the character of Shrek in this musical.


Shrek is the most lovable mythical ogre. He has superhuman strength, towering height, and fearsome monster to his enemies. But at the same time, he is the most kind to his family and friends.

Although he doesn’t like Donkey at first due to his persistence he takes him under his feathers and they both stick to each other and face all adventures of life.

In all the editions of the movie, they impart life lessons to viewers and show them how with friendship and love one overcame all the struggles of life.

Fiona and Shrek prove that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. They teach kids to love irrespective of looks and look for beauty inside the person.

Overall a feel-good romantic children’s animated movie which can be enjoyed by all the age-groups.

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