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The 10 Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World (Update July 2023)



Expensive Makeup Brand

Do you know which are the Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World in 2023?

Beauty is a valuable thing that everyone tries to achieve. Beauty has scattered everywhere, not only in human beings but also in nature also.

Human beings always try to develop their beauty. Actual beauty depends on the loveliness of the heart, makeup does not judge anyone’s looks.

Sometimes people are affected mentally by this beauty reason. A human being is beautiful without makeup. In our old days, people used different types of artificial makeup to enhance their beauty. Costly branded makeups are not available at that time. But nowadays, everything is developing.

Many expensive makeup brands are available in the market. Even people are doing many difficult surgeries to get a gorgeous look. Not only women but also, men are interested in this cosmetic surgery.

The List of Most Expensive Makeup Brands in 2023

List of Most Expensive Makeup Brand

Cosmetic products are artificial elements that develop our look. The main motive of these items is to beautify our skin and face. The economical importance is making these types of products successful in the world right now. Everyone has one dream to look better and many costly makeup brands smooth the path. Each top-class brand always maintains quality. In this following article, we discover the top 10 most expensive makeup brands in the world.

10. La Prairie

La Prairie is a luxury skincare and makeup brand that is renowned for its high-end, premium products. Founded in Switzerland in 1978, the brand is known for its commitment to using innovative ingredients and advanced technologies in its formulations.

La Prairie’s products are often considered to be among the most expensive in the beauty industry due to their focus on luxurious ingredients and scientific research. The brand’s skincare line includes various serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and treatments designed to target different skin concerns and anti-aging needs.

Due to its luxury positioning and commitment to using top-notch ingredients, La Prairie products often come with a higher price tag compared to mainstream beauty brands

9. Smashbox

Smashbox acquires the 9th position on our list. This expensive makeup brand was first introduced by the Dean and Davis Factor brothers in Culver City. But when Estee Lauder purchased this popular makeup brand in the year 2010, it gained more popularity.

Lipsticks and eye products are the main attraction of this famous brand. Smashbook’s items are tested and innovated at a real studio. The ingredients which are used in the products, are extremely costly and make the products famous all over the world. It is a very demanding make-up brand among makeup lovers.

8. Nu Skin

Nu skin is one of the most expensive makeup brands in the world. Nu skin was established in the year 1984in Provo, Utah. This makeup brand spread its business all over 53 countries in the world through a strong network of 1.2 million independent distributors.

Nu skin produces mainly anti-aging beauty products. More than 200 items are helping to return your lost youthfulness. It is used every day. Day by day this world-famous anti-aging company holds its position tightly. The beauty item is based on antioxidants. In the year 1996, there is the addition of Pharmanex.

In the early 90s, we have a fear of multi-level marketing. But this makeup brand holds a good position on Forbes. Nu skin is a trustworthy beauty product company in the year 2010. But it becomes very popular for its anti-aging makeup products.

7. Oriflame

Do you know that Oriflame is the most expensive makeup brand all around the globe? Oriflame is a Swedish beauty and personal care company that sells a range of products including skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care. Among the famous MLM schemes, Oriflame is a shining product. In the year 1967, this costly makeup brand was established in Sweden by brothers Jonas and Robert Jochnick.

Oriflame always provides personal care cosmetics, beauty products, perfumes, and other accessories all over the world. Oriflame is a promising brand and they do not give up until the company acquires all over the global market.

Their main intention is to sell all the expensive products. This international company is doing its job well. They always care about the quality and customers’ needs. All products have natural elements, including skin care products, hair care items, makeup products, etc. Clients get superior results by using these products. Oriflame has received several awards for its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

6. Artistry

Artistry is the name that changes the definition of beauty. It is a famous and expensive makeup brand around the world. The founder created these beauty products with a combination of science and nutrition. Artistry makes beauty products and skin care products.

Artistry spreads its business in more than 108 countries all over the world. The price rate of these products is extremely high. The main ingredients are fruits and natural elements. These are collected from the Mediterranean and Africa.

You do not have any doubt about the quality of the product. It is the healthiest and most expensive beauty product brand. The company has many varieties like skin care, hair care, lipsticks, eye makeup, etc. The excellent characteristics are the main attraction of this brand.

5. Elizabeth Arden

This expensive make-up brand is leading the cosmetic industry. It was set up by Florence Nightingale Graham in the year 1910. Elizabeth Arden is a well-known brand in America. Beauty never depends on makeup. Arden is a legendary name in the beauty industry. Arden introduced various types of beauty products, including skincare products, cosmetics, etc.

If you will use this brand, you will be confident and beautiful. Since the year 1910, people loved this brand. If you will find the best lipstick and massacres, then you will blindly believe in it. It is successful in the fragrance division especially.

4. Mac Cosmetics

Expensive Makeup Brands in the World

Mac Cosmetics is a leading brand in this field. It had first introduced in Toronto in the year 1984. Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo are the founders of this expensive makeup brand. At first, they began manufacturing products for makeup artists but later they expanded their production.

The company then started to make beautiful items for professionals. All over the world, you will find their makeup items. Every year they introduce various types of cosmetic products. Most professional makeup artists prefer this brand. This famous company collaborated with popular stars like Rihanna, Lorde, and Proenza Schouler.

Top 3 Expensive Makeup Brand are below

3. L’Oreal

Expensive Makeup Brand in the World

It is an expensive makeup brand in the world. We all see L’Oreal makeup product commercials. It is an expensive and exceptional beauty product. All over the world, people love this lavish brand. In the year 1909, this French brand was established. Eugene Schueller was a young chemist who founded the brand.

L’Oreal Paris was first introduced to the public technological beauty products and you will get good results after using them. It is safe for the environment and a certified item. Many hair care products, skincare items, hair color, and men grooming items are very famous.

L’Oreal Paris brings into the market two types of products. One is used by general customers and the other is used by professionals. L’Oreal has been associated with top-class brands such as Maybelline, Garnier, and NYX Cosmetics. The company has many huge laboratories and they never tested on animals.

2. Mary Kay

Most Expensive Makeup Brands

In the year 1963, Mary Kay Ash Addition established this expensive makeup brand. It holds the second position on our list. Mary Kay is the biggest and most impressive direct-selling company. This popular brand gives up testing on animals. This top-class brand has experienced consultants and makeup artists. Mary Kay gives you a piece of excellent beauty advice that no one can imagine. Every customer trusts this brand blindly and does not doubt its quality.

1. Chanel

Most Expensive Makeup Brand

Chanel is a well-known and premium cosmetic brand in the world. Chanel is a luxury fashion and beauty brand founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1910 in Paris, France. In the year 1909 Chanel started its business associated with haute couture and luxury accompaniments and cosmetic products. This expensive makeup brand is famous all over the world.

Popular stores like Harrods, Galeries Lafayette, Bergdorf Goodman, and David Jones are selling this item. But their boutiques are spreading all over the world. Now they have more than 300 stores. You do not imagine the revenue of this company.

Conclusion of Most Expensive Makeup Brands

Conclusion of Most Expensive Makeup Brand

The readers must enjoy our list of the most expensive makeup brands. If you need to enrich your beauty in a short time, makeup is the best thing that generally comes to your mind. The best possible path to improve your beauty is to apply makeup items and then you are ready to blaze.

If you want to shine and glow then apply some good quality makeup. There are different types of brands we find in the global market. Makeup has existed for centuries, and it’s a path of conveying ourselves. We can use cosmetics for various occasions and distinct reasons.

Do you know which makeup brand has the best quality? I will personally say that this list speaks for itself. I should rather pay more money to get the best reasonable product for my skin than get the cheaper product.

Every brand has its own features and range, if you are willing to use both cheap and expensive makeup, you clearly will notice the differences. This list may not include numerous drugstore brands, but some of these brands are still very priced.

Topic Summary

Here is a quick list of The Top 10 Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World.

  1. Chanel
  2. Mary Kay
  3. L’Oreal
  4. Mac Cosmetics
  5. Elizabeth Arden
  6. Artistry
  7. Oriflame
  8. Nu skin
  9. Smashbox
  10. La Prairie

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