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The 15 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World (Update Aug 2023)



Most Expensive Private Jets

Are you curious to know the Most Expensive Private Jets In The World?

If you are enjoying your journey and do not care about your holiday destination then you must travel on a lavish private jet.

Private jets are like a villa in the sky. It says goodbye and starts the journey. The passengers who afford a private jet must be rich.

Some of the passengers enjoy the luxury journey, they relax and lean their seats backward.

Sometimes they are stuck in the middle seat and enjoy everything in the jets. Rich people always prefer the most expensive private jets.

A brief list of expensive private jets in the world

Most Expensive Private Jets

Are you planning a vacation? Get ready for your private jet. You must enjoy it and when you are going abroad through private jets, you enjoy the journey rather than a destined point.

A private jet is equipped with massive bedrooms, bathrooms, high-speed showers, entertaining systems, and last but not least a luxurious kitchen.

So the staff are always ready to provide top-class services. They serve your hot meals timely. Many private jets which are gift items should be conserved for billionaires or millionaires.

But many billionaires have private jets, so they celebrate their special occasions on their jets or yachts.

Common people can not afford such private jets, they are preserved for only the rich people in the world.

Let’s have a look at the most expensive private jets in the world and the reasons why they become so expensive.

15. The Embraer EMB 190 BJ ($41 Million)

Most Expensive Private Jet In The World

The Embraer EMB 190 BJ is the latest technique in costly private jets. The jet was shown publicly first time in the year 2006. The Embraer EMB 190 BJ is considered the most expensive private jet in the world. In 2007 this private jet was not taking to the sky. Its price tag is too high.

The features of the plane and the settings are justified by the cost. This expensive jet is equipped with an extra fuel tank, this plane will journey for a long time without refueling it.

It has a vast walking area, kitchen, bathrooms, and large bedrooms. So you will freely stretch your legs in the fight. The net price of the jet is estimated to be  $41 million.

14. Gulfstream G500 ($44 Million)

Expensive Private Jets In The World

This private plane is so much expensive that its worth value is $ 44 million.  The Gulfstream G500 is known as the most expensive private jet.

It has been compared with Gulfstream’s other offerings. This will be discussed later. G500 is equipped with luxurious cabins and customized seats.

This costly jet was made for the comfort of the customers.  Do you want to surf? Then you will get a clear internet connection. You can also make a conference call without any disturbance.

13. Bombardier Global 7000 ($73 Million)

Expensive Private Jet In The World

Bombardier Global is a high-technical private jet. It is also the most expensive private jet because of its worth price $73 million.

The jet is the fourth clearance of this famous brand. Our jet plane is very capable of flying anywhere. Bombardier Global 7000 is flying for long-range distances such as Sydney and San Francisco or New York or Dubai etc.

It is an upgraded and modified private jet. The color of the jet is slightly different. It is orange and burgundy in color. The jet carries almost 19 passengers and each part is perfectly customized.

12. Boeing Business Jet 2 ($75 Million)

Expensive Private Jets

Boeing Business Jet 2 is accurately designed for 25 to 50 people. It is mainly used for business purposes. This famous private jet is the most expensive private jet on the planet.

The net value of the jet is approximately $75 million. These types of private jets come with an industry-leading range. It is eligible for long journeys across the world.

Before purchasing it is modified to your taste. This high-technique jet is innovated by advanced flight management methods. They always take care of the safety of the passengers not only the looks of the jet.

11. Boeing 737 ($80 Million)

Most Expensive Private Jets

The most expensive private jet in the world is estimated to be $80 million. The Boeing 737 is originally a business jet and made with the traditional design of Boeing Business jets.

They are determined to stick with the typical interiors. Boeing offers everything we need. In the sky, this luxury private jet provides a bedroom, an office, a dining room, a shower, and an entertainment zone.

To the unskilled eye, the jet looks like an ordinary aircraft but with big rooms, a lighting design, and wide leather armchairs to ensure a luxurious experience.

When you will journey through an ordinary plane you will not get that comfort. The seats are not so sophisticated but when you will travel on an private expensive jet the seats are soft, and you will get a cushion also.

10. Airbus ACJ319 Neo ($100 Million)

This private luxury jet is an Airbus Corporate plane. Airbus ACJ is the most expensive private jet. Its net worth is $100 million. This plane is not made for one person.

It is perfectly designed for private planes. Airbus ACJ 319 Neo is the latest collection of private jets. The jet has promoted interiors and exteriors which are developed for a seamless experience.

You can enjoy a fantastic view from the window of the plane before you land on the ground.

You think it is the best private jet which provides you with all the facilities and you feel that you are on the ground.

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9. Boeing 757 ($110 Million)

Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

The Boeing 757 is a popular medium-sized narrow-body commercial aircraft that first entered service in 1982. It has a seating capacity ranging from 186 to 279 passengers, depending on the variant and layout. The aircraft is known for its versatility, efficiency, and range, making it suitable for both short-haul and long-haul flights.

The Boeing 757 is powered by two jet engines, which provide a cruising speed of Mach 0.8 (around 530 mph) and a range of up to 3,900 nautical miles. It features advanced avionics and systems, including fly-by-wire technology, which enhances safety and operational efficiency.

Over the years, the Boeing 757 has been utilized by a variety of airlines worldwide for various applications, including passenger transport, cargo operations, and military requirements. Its widespread use and reliability have made it a popular choice for airlines seeking a versatile and economical aircraft for their operations.

8. Gulfstream III ($125 Million)

Expensive Private Jet In The World

The price of this most expensive private jet is $125 million. Various celebrities always wanted to have Gulfstream III. But the well-known celebrity Tyler Perry also has a Gulf Stream all with advanced technologies.

The American director and actor‘s jet is equipped with all the facilities. Their 42-inch HD TV, satellite TV, multiple Blu-ray players, entertainment zone, and electronic control windows are used to take a nap.

This most expensive private jet also has portable HD screens, docking stations to play music, and ports for playing video games. Actor Tyler Perry has a private island and the private jet stands for long periods on the island.

7. Boeing 767-33A/ER ($170 Million)

Expensive Private Jets

Private jets are so much more expensive and sophisticated. Boeing 767 is like a flying mansion. It costs around $170 million. The private jet is full of rooms, all kinds of facilities, etc.

Roman Abramovich’s private jet is named “The Bandit”. Its slanting black stripes enhance the beauty of the plane. Boeing 767-33A/ER is the most expensive private jet which has lots of bedrooms, and even a banquet hall for 30 people. The jet is larger than life.

There is a secret anti-missile system in this jet for safety. The Air Force organized this. This most expensive private jet has gold plated and gold adornments that can be spotted not only in bedrooms but also kitchen.

6. Boeing 747-430 ($220 Million)

Expensive Private Jets In The Worl

This jet is the world‘s most expensive private jet because the owner of this plane is the Sultan of Brunei.

The washbasins of this plane are made of pure gold and Lalique Crystal is also used on this jet. Do you imagine the net value of the private jet? It is an unbelievable amount of $220 million.

He is the real sovereign of the world. At first, he spent $100 million on Lufthansa then another $120 million on decorating the jet according to his tastes.

This kind of jet is an example of a classic and sophisticated private jet. There are oversized armchairs, different pattern floors, and used more than one color.

Not only one jet Sultan acquires but also many jets like this.

5. Boeing 787-8 BBJ ($325 Million)

Expensive Private Jet

Boeing 787-8 BBJ is a business jet of Boeing. The design of this jet is impressive. It is the most expensive private jet which has sufficient power to fly for more than 18 hours without refueling. The worth price is roughly $325 million.

It was first spotted at the Dubai Air Show and this luxurious plane is so sleek and suave. For a comfortable journey, we need many high-technology features. This private jet has various types of features.

China-based HNA Group mostly used this but it is also used for private purposes. The value of one-time use is $70000 per hour.

There is a welcoming lobby and many luxury bedrooms with a walk-in wardrobe. There is a master bathroom and the largest shower in the air.

4. Airbus ACJ350 Custom ($366 Million)

Expensive Private Jets In The World

Airbus ACJ 350 Custom is more than a house in the sky. A simple mechanism is used in this jet. The net value of the private jet is approximately $366 million.

The owner spent lots of money to renovate it with bespoke interior design. The estimated of making the private jet spent an extra $150 million more.

It is curated by Lufthansa Technic. On this plane, there are four bedrooms, a gallery, a guest lounge, and a dining area. Airbus ACJ350 is the most expensive private jet.

Top 3 Most Expensive Private Jets are Below

3. Boeing 747-8 VIP ($367 Million)

Expensive Private Jets

The most expensive private jet has an unknown owner.  It is one of the largest planes in the world. Even the Air Force planes are looking tiny against it.

It is estimated to be $367 million. Boeing 747 -8Vip is 4786 square feet. Sometimes the jet is converted into a  passenger plane from a private jet.

This luxury jet has lounges, an office room, a dining room, and also an entertaining zone.

The interiors are beautiful and made by Cabinet Alberto Pinto. It is specifically made by the owner’s choice. These luxury jet photos are easy to find. If you want to see this jet’s image you will search the Internet and find Boeing 747-8 VIP photos.

2. Airbus A340-300 ($500 Million)

Most Expensive Private Jet

Do you have any idea about this private jet? The owner of the plane is Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. This most expensive private jet is reserved for long-term journeys.

The net amount of this jet is $500 million. Its quiet and comfortable onboard conditions are impressive. It is bigger than Russian President Vladimir Putin’s private aircraft. Airbus A340-300 has extraordinary features like a soft buttery seat, bedrooms, luxury interiors, etc.

Usmanov has spent lots of money on it. He decorated the plane according to his choice. This jet is private but designed for long journeys and the distance is 13,699 kilometers.

The jet has easily traveled from Moscow to Tokyo.

1. Airbus A-380 ($600 Million)

Expensive Private Jets

The Airbus A-380 is a popular and the most expensive private jet. The actual value of this jet is $600 million. This private jet is the heaviest and largest plane which has carried almost 1.3 pounds. Private jets are not so big and heavy.

The owner of the aircraft is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. He ordered this jet at the Dubai Air Show in 2007.

The plane is known as the Flying Palace. In the aircraft, there are lots of things such as a car garage, bedrooms, working space, a Famous Turkish bathroom, etc.

Last but not least there are two decks and the top deck is reserved for the residents of VIPs.

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Conclusion of The Most Expensive Private Jets In The World


Are you curious about luxurious private jets? Then you must follow the above article. We here discuss the most expensive private jets in the world.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

  1. Airbus A-380
  2. Airbus A340-300
  3. Boeing 747-8 VIP
  4. Airbus ACJ350 Custom
  5. Boeing 787-8 BBJ
  6. Boeing 747-430
  7. Boeing 767-33A/ER
  8. Gulfstream III
  9. Boeing 757
  10. Airbus ACJ319 Neo
  11. Boeing 737
  12. Boeing Business Jet 2
  13. Bombardier Global 7000
  14. Gulfstream G500
  15. The Embraer EMB 190 BJ

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